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Gary P. Yakub

Wood, Epoxy Resin, Art Prints

Woodworking has always been relaxing for me. Sometimes functional, sometimes creative, the process of building something from scratch is rewarding. Wood is a timeless medium, from simple and understated to exotic and contrasting. Each individual piece is the result of decades of growth and natural influence; no two pieces are the same. The very uniqueness of each piece, with variable grain, live edges, and a full range of natural colors makes wood the quintessential medium for artistic expression.

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Lisa M. Yakub

Art Prints

My fascination with the gifts of nature and  earth began in childhood with many hours studying clouds and wandering in the woods and creeks near my home. As I grew older, my appreciation of nature’s colors and textures, sights and smells took a back seat to traditional learning and the work of preparing for life’s journey to adulthood. Becoming a mother helped reunite me with my love of nature as I introduced my children to the delights of things such as dragonflies, bright and beautiful flowers blooming from seeds, and the play of sunlight on the water like diamonds. Now an empty nester, I travel more, permitting me time again for studying the clouds and noticing how light and shadow work with the landscape. Capturing these images is simply me trying to freeze the sights to share with others who may find them as pleasing and calming as I do. I hope you see what I do in the images captured; the way the light falls on objects in the scene or how nature creates things perfectly situated at that moment. I have no formal training in photography or art theory, but I think it takes little education to find something beautiful almost anywhere you look.

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Kayleigh Gol

Art Prints

I enjoy capturing the unique beauty of everyday objects through photography. I love the way that lighting and angles can completely change an image, and I appreciate the simple beauty that can be found in many ordinary objects.